The most Innovative App for iPad in the World of Wine

We are a group of managers with a lot of experiences on new tecnologies, friends for a long time who love good wine, and now become WineAmore shareholders.

The idea of WineAmore was born on November 2010 when we were sitting in a good restaurant, and for three times the wine ordered from the list was not available.
So we started with the idea of creating something immediately updated with what is available in wine cellar of the restaurant.... but, the advantages to have the wine list on iPad and not printed are many: with one click you can translate all the pages in different laguages, you can search the wine by multiple criteria, you can read the details on characteristics of wine.

So we have turned this idea into a new business venture and we have great ambitions for the future, we are already entertaining contacts nationally and internationally to bring our application to the tables of thousands of restaurants, also helping the spread of popular quality of Italian wines.